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The brotha James Adventure

brotha James is a musician, entrepreneur, and speaker who is on a mission to spread love and joy through music, messages, and inspirational living. His positive energy is contagious and his enthusiasm for creating, playing and performing helps him engage audiences of all ages. You can walk the brotha James walk alongside him at any time – take a look at what he has to say about these ideas that all contribute to a life of passion, power and purpose:


Counting our blessings and giving thanks are two key elements of daily life – I use my gratitude journal to consistently write down 5-10 things I’m grateful for every single day. By doing so I open myself up to not only see these people, places and experiences more clearly I also open up my heart and my mind for more experiences to come in. What we focus on expands!  If we focus on what we’re grateful for and give it energy, give it our time, give it our focus, give it our love then that’s what we will get in our lives. Now just for a moment think of the alternative – now – go grab a notebook from around the house and start writing. Put it next to your bed and create one of the most rewarding and fulfilling habits you will ever have.


To create an incredible adventure and to contribute to the maximum number of people along the way! I consistently ask myself the question of how will I leave a legacy that lives, breathes and contributes 300 years after I’m gone? Dream It, Believe It and Achieve It. We are such powerful beings and it’s up to us to create the lives we dream. Our past does not equal our future. Be willing to take risks and go after your big bold dreams. Fail fast, fail often and fail forward! Failures are truly the seeds to success.


Music is my passion and I find a great deal of purpose in writing, practicing and performing it. I do my best to be authentic and completely honest in my lyrics and work diligently to create songs that act as anthems for our lives. Combining catchy beats with uplifting lyrics is a lethal combination for creating positive energy and an uplifting spirit. I think music has the power to change the world.


When I think of food I think one word: ENERGY. The air we breathe, the food we eat and the liquids we drink make or break our ability to show up at a high level in the various areas of our lives.

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