Want brotha James to Inspire Your Community or School?

Create Deeper Connections Within Your Community and Schools with a brotha James' Community Concert!

My Mission is to Create...

Stronger Communities

Stronger School Systems

Stronger Organizations

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What is a Community Concert Keynote?

Feel Good Music

brotha James uses music and movement in the event to add an extra element of engagement and interactivity. Inspirational and uplifting songs create an environment for radical growth and change.

Crowd Interaction

brotha James unique performance style utilizes powerful, thought-provoking questions to create and open a dialogue between the whole crowd allowing parents and families to connect and create stronger bonds around a common experience.


brotha James captivating performances and real engagement create an environment that spurns change while providing a completely unique and transformative experience for the whole family.

Different Types of Concert Keynotes...

Community Keynote Concert

Bring the entire community together for an experience that combines education and entertainment into an unforgettable musical experience! Create an an environment where community members of all ages can deepen their relationships and collaboration within the community.

Community Leadership Concert

Work with a select group of students, athletes, or administrators to deepen their connections, improve their chemistry, and crowdsource ideas and insights to find shared values and important solutions to your community’s most pressing issues.

Traditional Single Assembly

Bring your school or entire community together to experience a combination of feel good music and inspiring crowd interaction. The event is build around student/attendee participation and covers topics such as the power of resilience, overcoming obstacles and peer pressure, creating healthy relationships, or any other pressing topic!

Faculty or Administrator Retreat

Through a data-driven and research-backed approach, we can lead your organization to collectively map out its vision and core strengths. Through creating constructive dialogue, the retreat strengthens relationships between colleagues while allowing new solutions, possibilities, and collaborations to emerge.

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