Elementary & Middle School

When I look back on my grade school experience I can clearly see how confused I was. I was constantly living in fear of what other people thought of me. I was so outside of myself that most of what I did was to please other people. My experiences include being bullied by older kids, consistent disinterest in school and an underlying pull to do what the in crowd was doing rather than what was the right thing to do.

Grades 2 through 8 are at the beginning of making sense of their place in this world. Exposing them to someone who’s resonating a school’s message and doing it in an entertaining way is key to the development of their mindset and how we navigate those confusing and sometimes challenging years. By bringing brotha James to your school you will be exposing the kids to the topic of believing in their dreams.

High School

There were times throughout my school experience that led me to making fun of other kids just to fit in. I misbehaved purely out of boredom and had very little interest in doing any more than what I had to do which was not get a C ever! A’s and B’s were required. Bottom line is I was only operating at roughly 30% of my capacity while in school. I didn’t like to write, I hated to read and I was absolutely resistant to learning new information, skill sets or tricks that would help me move forward with my life. Now I’m 35 years old and have recognized that so many of the pains and struggles I currently am working through very much have to do with my middle school and high school experience.

By bringing brotha James to your school, you can rest assured that your students will be exposed to gratitude, positivity and enlightenment. Through music and experience, brotha James will connect to your school’s philosophy in a way that has never been explained before. It’s amazing how sometimes all we need is to hear the information from a different source for it to sink in.



Dream It, Believe It and Achieve It. We are such powerful beings and it’s up to us to create the lives we dream. Our past does not equal our future. Be willing to take risks and go after your big bold dreams. Fail fast, fail often and fail forward!

College-aged students are ready for the full message – brotha James will bring the energy and excitement necessary to help your students find passion, power and purpose in their lives. Students can expect to hear songs as well as participate with call and response, dance contests, and a drum/percussion breakdown. They’ll walk away understanding more about how musical elements of word and beats can be manipulated to connect to target audiences physically and psychologically in order to help create energy, belief and compassion for others and yourself.



Back when I was an athlete I was on a state championship soccer team. My school’s soccer team went to the state finals four years in a row. This was not a fluke. It was the system in which all levels of the soccer program were on the same page. 

This experience is similar to booking brotha James for your schools. By coordinating your message across age groups, you’re more likely to find cohesive sensibilities regardless of the language that is being used. brotha James can provide entertainment and enlightenment for audiences young and old. He prides himself on intuitive communication that helps to bridge the gap between passion, power and purpose. Booking him for engagements at all of your schools will help to drive home the same points that are brought up again and again.

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